Apple Siri Activate, Use, And Useful Information

Apple Siri GuideAfter almost 4 years we can use in the finally Siri, a whole lot of relief for iOS users because from now on you can access your personal assistant. In this article, we will explain to you how to activate your Siri and used. First, you should activate Siri, you do this by opening the settings application and navigate to ‘ General ‘.

Tap (tap) here on ‘ Siri ‘ and set the switch next to ‘ Siri ‘. Confirm by clicking ‘ Select Siri in ‘. Via the “language” option you can change the language and it is advisable to select your own contacts to format ‘ my info ‘. Should this not be complete, adjust this in the contacts application.

Once this is complete you can use Siri, how? Fairly easy, pressure for some moments on the home button (home button) to Siri is activated, after the sound you can your command. This can really be anything such as ‘ please call Tim Cook ‘, ‘ Tweet good morning ‘, ‘ set the alarm clock for half 8 ‘s morning ‘, and so on. Also ask Siri itself can say such as “what are you doing ‘, ‘ tell us a joke ‘, and so on.

Hey Siri

It is definitely recommended to “Hey, Siri; to activate it, you can do this by going to Settings ▸ General ▸ Siri ▸ select ‘ Hello Siri “. If your iDevice is connected via the adapter you can the command “Hey, Siri ‘. Your iDevice will recognize this and Siri immediately, you can activate a command, for example, “Call Tim Cook ‘. Would you like to communicate in this way with Siri, then you should be getting for every command “Hey, Siri, Siri unless you own a ‘ question.

Siri still not complete

You will notice that Siri still in its ‘ infancy ‘ State. Thus, for example, it is very difficult to Siri trailers from English-language movies to questions because he can’t handle the English title. There will be a title of Siri. Also work some commands not yet passable, but the base will work.

Where you can use also for Siri

Before you can use it activate via Settings Siri Select Siri Siri in General. Then press your home (home button) only moments into Siri is activated.

Once the sound echoes you can get a command. This can really be occult, below you can find an overview of the most convenient and most fun Siri commands. Read more Apple Siri guide.

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