How to Keep Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers Juiced Up

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Switch comes with fancy new Joy-Con controllers that are arguably fantastic, at least those are much better than the previous Nintendo’s controllers. These Joy-Con controllers are detachable, just like its rumors since a few months ago before the official presentation. These are small controllers, but they have a variety of features to give you enough options to play games on the new Nintendo Switch. When switching between mode during gameplay on the Nintendo Switch, you can use the Joy-Con in a different way. And then, we have a question about how to keep Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers juiced up. This issue is the follow-up to the previous question about how long these controllers’ battery life will survive after a single charge. Well, so far we have no precise answer about how long exactly the Joy-Con battery life will last after a single charge, but we have learned about how to charge those controllers batteries.

Charging method of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers

There are three ways we can charge Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers on this tutorial about how to keep Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers juiced up. The first method for refreshing these controllers’ batteries is by attaching them to Nintendo Switch dock. When connecting the Joy-Con to the dock Switch, we can charge its batteries because inside of the dock there is a USB-C connection that the tablet slides right onto. That is why this position will keep both the Joy-Con and the Switch charged up for on-the-go play.

The second way to give the Joy-Con juice when these are not attached to the Switch dock is by plugging in the Switch with the accompanying USB-C charging cable that comes together in a standard package. This method is another way to send power from the switch to the Joy-Con controllers as long as both controllers are still attached to either side of the Switch tablet, assuming that you are using tabletop mode for playing games. Even, the Joy-Con will also charge as long as they’re still hooked up to the Switch unit without charging the Switch because they can draw power from the Switch’s built-in battery.

And the last option to charge Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers is by using the charging grip, especially when you are removing these controllers from the Switch. The Joy-Con also has a USB-C connection, so if you plug the cable into the grip, it will charge those Joy-Con controllers up. Sadly, it is sold separately, so you have to get it from the store by yourself.

Well, Nintendo Switch is on the way to its release date on March the third. Acknowledging yourself about how to keep Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers juiced up will be very helpful to get you ready for the new console when it arrives. Soon after it is released, we’d have enough chance to test the precise battery life of the Switch Joy-Con controllers. Based on Nintendo claim, the battery life of the Joy-Con controllers will last for about 20 hours on a full charge, but it isn’t yet proven. During the media event, the chance to hands on the Switch is not enough to test the battery life. All attendees are too excited with all details about the Switch, and how the Switch is different from the other game console.