Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery
Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery

We are now getting closer to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, bad memories about the Note 7 remains, especially when the battery explosions were reported which then end up with a recall. This s why people are looking forward about Samsung Galaxy S8 battery. Here, we will share everything we know about a battery that will be used for Samsung Galaxy S8. We have collected all related news, rumors, and also critical report to get the closest prediction about the S8 battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery from Samsung SDI

The company responsible for some of the exploding batteries inside the Galaxy Note 7 was tapped to make the batteries headed to S8. Apparently, Samsung has certain consideration about the battery from SDI. Considering that the Galaxy Note 7 kept posing the same problems with both Samsung SDI and Amperex batteries, it seems that blaming the battery from SDI is not the right thing to do, at least according to the company. Samsung has launched an internal probe into the Galaxy Note7 disaster and is set to release its findings later, and seemingly Samsung is still confident that Samsung SDI batteries are safe. Related with this, there is a new report from Korea revealing that the battery for the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S8 will come from Samsung SDI.

According to this site, Samsung SDI batteries were not responsible for overheating and blowing up. This is a conclusion of an investigation that is yet to be made public. Soon, based on the report, Samsung is going to announce what caused the explosions at some point. Based on the story, right after being excluded from the Galaxy Note 7 supply chain following the first recall, Samsung SDI has focused on improving quality testing. It is reported that the Note 7 continue to explode even after the batteries were replaced with batteries made by ATL. This is the reason why the Samsung SDI battery is possible to be used as the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery capacity

Battery capacity is very important to support the performance of a smartphone. In this case, the smartphone won’t be able to do anything when it is run out of power. Related to Samsung Galaxy S8 battery capacity, we have a rumor which suggests the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a huge 4200mAh juice pack with support for both wireless and fast charging. It is not sure that the company will squeeze a battery with that suggested capacity, but hopefully, the company won’t reverse the good work that has been done on the S7 which has a better life than the S6. As we know that Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 3000mAh juice pack, hopefully, the battery in the S8 will be larger or at least more efficient.

We are convinced that the company will work seriously on the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery. We need to keep in mind that the matter of battery life is tricky, include the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S8. How long a phone last on a single charge depends on so many factors. These factors can be the size of the actual cell or the other components of the smartphone which may drain the battery when it is in the best performance. For further consideration, we can see the Edge variants which tend to have slightly bigger batteries. The screen on those phones tends to be a little bigger. This factor than the effect on the battery life results when the same battery capacity is used in the smartphone with a little smaller screen. In accordance to a rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S8 display, it is potentially the new S8 will use 4K display, you can count on that putting a serious damper on battery life too.