Special Offers From Apple TV

Apple TV Offers

We continue with our special on Apple TV, just six days ago we began it with this great article by Miguel where we gave a review of the “Media Box” different generations of Apple. Today we will focus on what we currently offer. Knowing what we have and the more than likely evolution we have looming within 15 days, we will know how much will have changed. Remember that Apple TV always has been a “hobbies” for Apple, or at least so always said it. Although lately whenever he spoke of him in a Keynote, Tim Cook made us understand that it was not that “playful” device for the engineers of the company.

Apple TV Offers

Apple TV is about to meet a decade, which is soon. And if the rumors about the failed project of Apple, the 4K TV are true, it is logical that Apple could try to take advantage of part of the research effort in improving the current Apple TV. So we will see at that point are. Thanks to the functionality of AirPlay, the truth is that Apple TV won plenty of life in the living room of my house. I have an Apple TV 2, which we are talking about a device for almost five years and I also had an Apple TV 1, with which I have some experience in the field. But let’s see the basics offered us Apple TV.

The Apple TV, as all devices (include it here too) iOS ecosystem, has always had a close link with iTunes. Apple TV has not been an exception and therefore we can synchronize all the music or videos from your Mac in a fast and easy way. With the functionality of “Sharehouse” activated in our iTunes (and our on Mac) can have access to all the multimedia content of our computer. All of our Apple Remote “click” of. The fast and easy way we can play our music, see our videos or even show our photographs.

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Unfortunately, this is a point in which our country not we could benefit us completely since agreements have always come from the American field. But even so, several countries can enjoy some of them. To the usual channels of Youtube, Flickr, and Vimeo, have been added gradually other channels. For example Red Bull TV, Vevo, Bloomberg, WSJ Live, WWE Network or other payment such as the NFL, MBL, or the NHL. If you like baseball, football and Ice Hockey. These channels will be your delight, but yes, you have to be subscribed to them.

In the United States, we have seen recently as added HBO as a monthly subscription, so we see that Apple makes moves in this regard, although we do not have the more min news when coming to our country, or if will come once even.