What iOS 11 tells us about the iPhone 8

Apple announced iOS 11, the most recent version of its operating system, at WWDC 2017 and it’s bringing a multitude of new features to iPhones and iPads. It is not just the present crop of devices that’ll be in line for a few iOS 11 loving though, with its Fall launch anticipated to coincide with the launch of the much-rumored iPhone 8 (also iPhone 7S and 7S Plus).

What nuggets of information can we get from the tidbits of iOS 11 information we witnessed? We have been through all the launch information to emphasize some things we think give us an insight.

What iOS 11 tells us about the iPhone 8

Interface tweaks screen, more & nearly bezel-less

One thing you’ll see in iOS 11 is that the interface is more curved. For example, if you utilize 3D Touch on a Command Center icon, then the port you’ll see is rounded. In fact, the Control Center interface features softer, rounded corners. While we don’t get a formal manner, there are components. As an example, the Calculator program has been overhauled to be dark and rounded. In years past the Calculator program was brightly colored, which wouldn’t be taking full advantage of the OLED screen technologies.

Another interesting speculation by Hansen relates to changes in programs like Messages and Mail. Apple has brought a brand new header interface similar to that of Apple Music and Apple News to Messages and Email, in Addition to this App Store. The header allows for a good deal more info on display and disappears after you scroll.

Together with iOS 11, Apple redesigned the video player interface. Notice that when you screen in a movie, depart the quantity, and dimensions controllers sit at the left and right corners, slightly inset from the edges. The middle is also left open, which is where the camera and speaker cutout is currently going to be on the 8.

But combined with what we already understand about the iPhone 8, it’s apparent where Apple is currently trying to adjust iOS 11 this fall to prepare for the hardware changes. The fundamental idea here is that smaller software borders and the interface designs paired with the corners that are rounded would look magnificent on the bezel-less and OLED iPhone 8 display, further lending credence to rumors of alterations.

Feature hints – Better cameras, AR & more

Two items that Apple heavily touted during its unveil of iOS 11 were HEIF camera formats and its HEVC. The business says these new formats may save users 50 percent on storage that this seems together with the 8. So does record size ordinarily as camera quality improves. Greg went hands-on together with HEIF camera formats and all the HEVC earlier this month, so I’ll defer to him to get the technical details. The gist is, however, when taking videos and photos using the iOS 11 camera app that you do save 50.

IOS 11 focuses on the storage and processor intensive augmented reality. Apple, of course, introduced its ARKit frame that aims to help programmers construct mixed reality experiences and augmented reality experiences out on the iPhone and iPad. Also this software feature certainly hints for augmented reality at the new hardware on the 8. It’s been reported that the 8 may include a range that was vertical for reality capabilities and that is surely hinted at by ARKit.


Hansen makes a few other inferences involving iOS 11 as well as the 8:

A larger than 16:9 telephone would also enable 16:9 content to play with uncropped(around) borders with a good black point on display. The dev transition would be easy with apps which haven’t been upgraded like transition.
The clock would be removed by A camera/speaker inset on top that’s an issue, but down the swipe notification tray is styled with a notable clock, just like the lock screen.

Hansen also notes the sign dots Apple introduced with iOS 7 are not any longer, with the business switching back to conventional (slightly squished) sign bars.

Again, much of this is quite speculative, but together with the growing number of hardware leaks we’ve seen, a few of the more subtle modifications in iOS 11 seem like they’re hinting at hardware changes with the iPhone 8.

Changes such as the black interfaces, rounded edges, fresh camera formats, and everything else practically certainly appear to be imagining iOS for the debut of the iPhone 8, but we’ll just to wait and watch. What do you believe? Have you noticed any changes in iOS 11 that tip in the 8? Let us know in the comments.